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Prepared foods category covers a very wide range of food applications that are delivered in numerous formats. With the everchanging consumer demands food manufacturers are continuously changing product formulas, and delivery mechanisms. Thus, requiring continuous innovation from ingredient manufacturers.  Prepared foods can be quite challenging for natural colors due to unique processing, packaging, and complex formulation parameters. ROHA’s natural food colors have been a sustainable option for consumers across the globe in the food and beverage industry for decades. Our brand Natracol contains all the natural food color shades produced from a wide variety of plant, fungal and algal sources. With our expert team of scientists and some of the finest research facilities in the industry, ROHA can create innovative and value-added solutions for your prepared foods applications.

Natural Colors for Sauces, Soups and Condiments

Soups, sauces, and condiments have always been appealing products for consumers. Here at ROHA, we provide a wide range of natural food colors that are stable, consistent, and uniform for the rest of the shelf life of these products. They improve the association with the target flavor and most importantly, they create a visual appeal. Natracol’s range of natural food colors is capable of meeting the processing challenges such as pressure, pH, heat, and interaction with other ingredients that can affect the performance of the color.

Natural Food Colors for pasta and noodles

The application of food colors in pasta and noodles can be quite challenging. Heat, pH, migration, and interactions with other ingredients can significantly affect color performance. Therefore, the selected colors not only need to be stable through processing and throughout the shelf life but also need to perform as expected post-end consumer application. For this and more, ROHA has a complete range of natural food colors under the brand Natracol that are stable in pasta and noodle applications.

Natural Colors for extruded snacks and cereal applications

Extruded foods is a category that comes with its own set of challenges. ROHA meets every requirement and exceeds performance benchmarks with heat-resistant color solutions for cereals, snacks, and ready meal categories. Recent advancements in natural color extraction and formulation methods have enabled ROHA scientists to provide many natural food color solutions. Our brand Natracol has natural color solutions that are stable in snack and cereal applications.

Natural Food Colors for Dry Mixes & Seasonings

To make dry mixes visually attractive and associate them with flavors; food colors are added to them. The typical challenges that occur in dry mixes applications are; stability of pH, light and heat, flavor impact and the reactions between ingredients and pigments. To get rid of these challenges, ROHA’s natural color portfolio Natracol offers a spectrum of natural food colors.
ROHA’s range of natural food colors helps spice mixes and seasonings stand out and engage the sense of customers around the world. Color requirements for applications can vary depending on physical form and end-consumer application. Processing challenges such as heat, pressure, pH, interactions with other ingredients can significantly affect color performance.
Under the brand Natracol, ROHA has a variety of stable natural food colors which have passed all the regulations and norms of the food color industry. 

Natural Food Color for Bakery products

The baked goods industry is evolving at a fast rate, and so is ROHA. With Natracol, ROHA boasts a range of natural food color solutions that are industry benchmarks all around the globe. These solutions are stable even with varying levels of heat, pH, and lipids, making it easy to incorporate any pigment into any bakery applications such as cakes, muffins, cookies, crackers, etc. Trusted for its cutting-edge R&D, high-quality standards, and comprehensive support, ROHA provides reliable, cost-effective, and customized solutions to baked good manufacturers.

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