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Ever since our inception, ROHA has held the clients’ requirements at the very centre of its inspiration. This unwavering client-centric professionalism has been the muse for innovation at Roha over the last 5 decades. Much before anyone else had, the leadership team at ROHA had identified technology as its core pivot for transformation. The commitment to this vision has propelled the company to greater heights and helped them stay aligned to their clients’ needs. Technology investments have been many and they will continue to play a game changing role in the development of ROHA.

Daily, 14 Application Centers across the globe are engaged in optimising technology to drive innovation and manufacture customised products for various applications. And that’s not all! ROHA has an unrelenting focus on pushing boundaries to constantly create and cater to new trends in the colors and ingredients industries, anticipating future requirements and developing future safe products, that can be adopted easily with minimal switchover costs.

The spirit of innovation is what shapes the approach at service points and improvements in internal processes with a constant upgradation in skills, processes and operational technology to ensure that ROHA’s performance stays at its colorful best always.


  • Micronized Powder
  • Custom Shades
  • Color Consistency
  • Vibrant Colors


  • Niveous
  • TiO2 Replacer
  • Natural
  • Clean Label

Natracol Rose Pink

  • Preservative Free
  • Natural
  • Pink

Infusion Range

  • Preservative Free
  • Natural
  • Clean Label
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