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Color use and characteristics are defined by law around the world. The principal aspects are:

  1. Definition and identification of permitted additives through the definition of specific purity criteria and identities
  2. List of color additives allowed to be used and sold in a specific market
  3. Setting of maximum levels for certain additives across different businesses and in specific applications
  4. Indication of limitation, restriction in foods or particular ingredients, list of banned additives
  5. Labelling and declaration as part of final food ingredient lists

Dealing with such various legislative and statutory requirements of different countries is not easy. That is where we step in.
At ROHA, we have created a team of experts who understand the requirements and how to manage these materials. We are also in contact with the competent authorities about updates and any changes in legislation. We are ideally placed to advise on color additives approved for use in Food, Animal feed, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals, their dosages and specifications, for nearly all of the world’s food markets.


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