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When it comes to a comprehensive collection of industrial pigments & dyes, Simpsons is the ROHA brand that people trust for quality and price. Solutions are tailored to customer’s requirements, and are passed through stringent quality control & assurance specifications. Simpsons’ customers can benefit from a shorter lead time through our worldwide network of offices and partners. Long term relationship building & a commitment to quality ensure our clients get the best out of Simpsons every time. Simpsons’ can supply products meeting local regulatory and legislative compliances.

Industrial dyes and pigments division is certified by EU REACH Registration.

Simpsons (UK) Ltd. is rated by EcoVadis for its sustainability efforts. Click here to download.



Synthetic organic pigments are carbon based molecules, usually manufactured under intense heat or pressure from petroleum intermediate compounds, naphthalene, acids and other chemicals. These pigments are insoluble in water and most organic solvents, but are easily dispersible in water, solvents and other mediums.


These pearlescent effect pigments consist of a natural or synthetic Mica base along with various metal oxides to produce shades of silver, gold, bronze and copper amongst others. Varying the particle size of the Mica base allows for effects ranging from a fine satin with high hiding power (small particle size) to glitter with high transparency (large particle size). These pigments can be used in combination with other dyes and pigments to produce stunning effects in a range of applications, such as plastics, inks, coatings, paper, arts & crafts.


They are water based pigment dispersions based on either surfactant or acrylic technologies tailored to final use. Our products offer excellent compatibility in many applications system, offers benefits such as free flowing, high strength & gloss, weathering fastness & good opacity or transparency as required.


Acid dyes are generally sodium, calcium or ammonium salts of an organic acid which are anionic in an aqueous solution. These water-soluble dyes are known for their bright hues. Selected dyes are available in different forms such as dry powders, granules and liquids. Suitable for use in various applications, such as inks, coatings, household & personal care, soaps, agricultural applications, arts & crafts, reagents, biological stains and pH indicators.


Basic dyes are usually the chloride, oxalate or double salt of an organic base which is cationic in solution. These dyes are soluble in polar solvents such as alcohols, ethers, glycols and also in water in the presence of acetic acid.  These dyes are known for their vibrant colours and high strength. Available in powder, crystal and acetic acid stabilised liquid forms. Suitable for use in various applications, such as inks, paper, coatings, household & personal care, agricultural applications, arts & crafts, reagents, biological stains and pH indicators.


These are non-polar dyes with excellent solubility and miscibility in a wide range of organic solvents as well as synthetic and natural resins. Popular solvent dyes fall in several main chemical classes; Azo dyes which are yellow to red in colour, metal complex dyes, phthalocyanine dyes and Anthraquinones which are green to blue. They are extensively used in plastics, inks, wood stains, coatings, aluminium metal foil and a range of house decorations, candles & waxes, adhesives, mineral oil and petroleum products.

Specialized pigments for automotive, industrial and decorative paints.

Paints & Coating

Specialized dyes & pigments for all day to day items.

Household & Personal Care

Specialized into variety of resins & binders to produce inks for various printing techniques.


Specialized into organic pigments, solvent dyes, and pearlescent pigments for plastic coloration.


Specialized into synthetic organic pigments for road marking colors.

Road Marking



A wide range of synthtetic colours that can be used in a variety of applications; from food to pharmaceuticals.


Carefully derived from the most brilliant natural sources without compromise!


Pure extracts and concentrates for a diverse range of applications without compromise on vibrancy and stability.


Quality dried ingredients that preserve all nutritional value, freshness, color and taste from the nature.

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