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Simpsons specializes in organic pigments, solvent dyes, and pearlescent pigments for plastic coloration under the brands SIMPERM, SIMPSOL & SIMPEARL respectively. Each of these is designed to suit quality and performance requirements in specific final applications.

SIMPERM | Organic Pigments For Plastic Products

Synthetic organic pigments are carbon based molecules, usually manufactured under intense heat or pressure from petroleum intermediate compounds, naphthalene, acids and other chemicals. These pigments are insoluble in water and most organic solvents, but are easily dispersible in water, solvents and other mediums. Our products are classified in to two categories; azo & high performance pigments including phthalocyanine pigments to suit different performance requirements in the final application.

SIMPSOL | Solvent Dyes for Plastic Products

SIMPSOL is the trade name for our range of solvent dyes. These are non polar dyes with excellent solubility and miscibility in a wide range of organic solvents in addition to synthetic and natural resins. Popular solvent dyes fall in several main chemical classes; Azo dyes which are yellow to red in color, metal complex dyes, phthalocyanine dyes and Anthraquinones which are green to blue. These dyes are used extensively to suit performance requirement in final applications.

SIMPEARL | Pearlescent Pigments for Plastic products

SIMPEARL is the trade name for our range of pearlescent effect pigments. These pigments consist of a Mica base along with various metal oxides to produce shades of silver, gold, bronze and copper amongst others. Varying the particle size of the Mica base allows for effects ranging from a fine satin with high hiding power (small particle size) to glitter with high transparency (large particle size).

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