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Thousands of household & personal care items rely on the quality of Simpsons to produce the best colors in their products. Simpsons provides acid dyes (powders & liquid blends), pigments & pigment dispersions (surfactants & acrylics) for a variety of applications that can be used in both industrial & household applications.

SIMACID | Acid dyes for Household and Personal care products

SIMACID is the trade name for our dyes that are a range of anionic sodium or ammonium salts, typically soluble in water. Due to their radiant colours, these are recommended for household applications like detergent powders & tablets, detergent bars, liquid detergents, dishwashing detergents, rinse conditioners, mild cleaners and for industrial cleaners. Our extensive range offers a wide choice of colours for various application requirement, such as light stability, pH stability, bleach stability and solubility. Some dyes are available in different forms such as dry powders, granules and liquids.

SIMSPERSE | Pigment Powders for Household and Personal care products

SIMSPERSE is the trade name for our range of organic and inorganic pigment dispersions for water based applications. Synthetic organic and inorganic pigments are dispersed into surfactant or acrylic systems tailored to the end application areas. SIMPERSE is specially recommended for liquid products with demanding stability criteria.

SIMPSOL | Solvent Dyes For Household And Personal Care Products

SIMPSOL is the trade name for our range of solvent dyes. These are non-polar dyes with excellent solubility and miscibility in a wide range of organic solvents as well as synthetic and natural resins. Popular solvent dyes fall in several main chemical classes; Azo dyes which are yellow to red in colour, metal complex dyes, phthalocyanine dyes and Anthraquinones which are green to blue. These dyes are used extensively in various applications, such as waxes, polishes, candles, hydrocarbon fuels, lubricants, and other hydrocarbon-based no polar materials.

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