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Automotive, industrial and decorative paints all require specialized pigments. Simpsons comprehensive product range covers various markets, industries and end applications, including solvent based, water based, amine curing epoxy and powder coating.

SIMPERM | Organic pigments for paints and coating

SIMPERM is the trade name for our range of organic pigments for water and solvent based paint application. Synthetic organic pigments are carbon based molecules, usually manufactured under intense heat or pressure from petroleum intermediate compounds, naphthalene, acids and other chemicals. These pigments are insoluble in water and most organic solvents, but are easily dispersible in water, solvents and other mediums. Our products are classified in to two categories; azo and high performance pigments including phthalocyanine pigments to suit different performance requirements in the final application.


SIMSPERSE S is a range of surfactant based pigment dispersions that offer excellent compatibility in aqueous application areas. This range is completely free of NPE / APE’s as well as being VOC free. This range also benefits from being free of MIT.

SIMPERM | Organic Pigments For Powder Coatings

SIMPERM is the trade name for our range of organic pigments used for powder coatings. These are free flowing, dry powders that are applied to a surface electrostatically before being cured with heat. The pigments do not rely on solvents in order to form a binding film for coating and so are free from volatile organic compounds allowing for a thicker coating. Both thermoset and thermoplastic polymers are suitable for use with these pigments that give results that are tougher than just paint.

SIMPSOL | SOLVENT DYES for paints and coatings

SIMPSOL is the trade name for our range of solvent dyes. These are non-polar dyes with excellent solubility and miscibility in a wide range of organic solvents as well as synthetic and natural resins. Popular solvent dyes fall in several main chemical classes; Azo dyes which are yellow to red in color, metal complex dyes, phthalocyanine dyes and Anthraquinones which are green to blue. They are extensively used in wood stains, coatings, aluminium metal foil and plastic spraying and a range of house decorations.

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