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The Versatile Role of Annatto in Enhancing Color and Sensory Attributes of Dairy Products

In the fascinating realm of dairy products, a plethora of ingredients come together to create the delicious products we enjoy on a regular basis.
Amongst these, one ingredient that clearly stands out for its dual role in providing visual appeal and sensory satisfaction at the same time is Annatto – a natural food color extracted from the seeds of the Bixaorellana L. shrub that is native to South America, Africa, and the Caribbean. Lending a vibrant color range from light yellow to orange, Annatto’s primary pigments include water-soluble norbixin and oil-soluble bixin.
Adding vibrancy and flavor, Annatto often takes the center stage in a diverse range of dairy products like cheese, butter, and more. Going beyond more aesthetics, Annatto plays a crucial role in enhancing the sensory attributes and transforming the overall gastronomic experience of dairy products.

Annatto in Cheese: A Match Made In Heaven

Annatto food color has been used for centuries to lend a comforting warm yellow and orange hue in cheese. Since the color of cheese plays a significant role in consumer perception,  a brightly colored cheddar is often seen as a high-quality and more flavorful one. Annatto shines here as it does not alter the flavor profile of the cheese in any way, but seamlessly works in harmony to accentuate the cheese’s visual appeal.

Apart from enhancing color, Annatto also positively impacts the texture and flavor of cheese. The natural oils present in the achiote seeds subtly influence the creamy consistency of the cheese while adding a subtle depth to the overall profile of the cheese.

Annatto’s Application In Other Dairy Products

Apart from cheese, Annatto’s tangible influence extends to other dairy products as well. For example, butter.

The mesmerizing appeal of richly colored butter is a worthy sensory experience that entices one and all. This is where the matchless power of Annatto comes in by ensuring that the butter not only looks delightful but also consistently retains its color over a long period of time.

ROHA: Taking Annatto To The Next Level

While Annatto plays a pivitol role in enhancing the color, flavor, texture, and the overall sensory attributes of dairy products, the choice of Annatto used matters significantly in the performance of the end product. More often than not, low-quality Annatto leads to distortions in the color, flavor, and texture, ruining the overall sensory perception of dairy products.

ROHA accurately understands the evolving demands of food manufacturing. With an unwavering dedication to delivering consistent, high-quality natural colors like Annatto, food manufacturers around the world trust ROHA when it comes to choosing the best-quality Annatto colors.

Meticulously processed to maintain minimal flavor impact and retain the original flavor profile of your dairy products, ROHA’s NATRACOL Annatto color offers reliable and vibrant color performance, ensuring your dairy products always look visually tantalizing.

Offering good stability to heat and light, ROHA’s NATRACOL Annatto is offered in multiple formats like water-soluble liquids, acid-stable liquids, water-soluble powders, and oil-soluble liquids.

Inherently designed to cohesively meet the highest international standards for food safety and quality, ROHA’s NATRACOL Annatto not only enriches the visual appeal of your dairy products but also elevates their overall sensory perception.

To learn how ROHA can help you seamlessly meet your customers’ evolving demands for natural and authentic dairy products, please visit or get in touch with us at

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