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Natural Ingredients In Ice Cream

Trending Now: Natural Ingredients In Ice Cream

Having Fun With Ice Cream

In recent years, there has been a growing trend among consumers for foods that are perceived as being more natural. This has led to a corresponding increase in the popularity of natural food colors and clean-label colors, which are added to foods to give them a more appealing appearance. Especially after the pandemic struck, there has been a shift in consumer behavior dictating the inculcation of nature-based products. Functional foods with balanced proteins and calories are included in ice creams. Lactose-free and dairy-free products nearly go hand in hand.

Colorful Flavors

Our brains are programmed a certain way to associate different colors with different flavors. An orange ice cream, for instance, if colored black, can confuse the consumer. The same is applied to other traditional flavors which is why it is pivotal to choose the right color to create a connection between the consumer, their ice cream and the quirkiness of the product at hand.

ROHA offers a brilliant range of exceptional natural food colors and clean-label colors that fully accommodate the requirements of the product at hand. Pink, green, orange or black – natural colors are of utter importance to convey the right look and feel. Our dried fruits especially harmonize the flavors by offering natural flavor, texture and the right intensity for the ice cream. Let’s talk more about this!

Dried Fruits For Fruity Delights

Dehydrated fruits have gained popularity for ice cream applications recently as they provide natural sweetness and can be used to add flavor and texture to the finished product. With the global trends revolving around consumers’ requirement in opting for healthy and quirky products, it has become pivotal to look beyond conventional flavors of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate & butterscotch. The advancement of R & D has contributed heavily to creating inventive opportunities in the ice cream industry.

Vegan Trends

The trend toward plant-based diets is also having an impact on the ice cream market. With an increasing number of consumers seeking out vegan alternatives to traditional dairy-based products. There are several reasons for this trend, including ethical concerns about the treatment of animals, health considerations, and a preference for more environmentally-friendly products. As a result, many food manufacturers are now opting for vegan options, which are made with plant-based milk and cream instead of dairy.

Inventive Opportunities In Ice Creams

In recent decades, the industry is coming up with inventive ways to provide more ice cream treats that are both convenient and decadent. Despite the possibility that innovation of unusual flavors would only briefly pique public interest, innovators continue to develop flavors with a track record of success. Ice creams have become a part of every household lately as the exclusivity of treating self with a trip to an ice cream parlor has been replaced with simply walking up to one’s freezer. With purposeful packaging, presentation and rich flavors, consumers are now keen on indulging in unconventional flavors that go beyond traditional vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and butterscotch. Manufacturers are combining quirky ingredients keeping in mind the cultural differences and keeping in touch with the nativity of regions. ROHA’s natural colors for ice creams and its dried ingredients facilitate inventive opportunities in all kinds of ice creams.

ROHA’s Color Solutions

The vegan ice cream market has surged in recent years, driven by an increase in the number of vegan and diet-conscious consumers across the globe. ROHA’s range of natural colors and clean-label color solutions is the perfect choice for vegan ice cream and regular ice cream applications as they provide excellent pH stability, which is crucial for dairy products and can be the perfect solution for a high-viscosity ice cream base. Our range of dried fruits is an added advantage that enables one to experiment and create fun flavors of ice creams. To understand in depth about our brilliant products, please write to us at

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