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Brilliance Of Blue Color

What Is Blue & Its Challenges?

In the recent past, there was struggle in the manufacturing industry due to the unavailability of a natural substitute for pigment of blue. This was a regular occurrence, until FDA accepted Spirulina extract as a natural agent for blue color for applications on candies & gums. There is keen reluctance in consumers to indulge in purchase of any food item that involves the use of synthetic pigments. There are many dyes that are naturally produced but are not as vibrant as the easily available synthetic dyes. Naturally produced pigments are derived from natural sources like algae, fruits, vegetables & leaves that lose their pigmented properties while undergoing the manufacturing processes. To resolve these issues, various R & D teams came up with yet another process to deal with the odors of these natural substances. Manufacturing processes seem to be more tedious than recognized by a layman.

Blue And Its Hue

Eating habits tend to unite people as the love shared for eating surpasses boundaries. The aesthetic appeal of food is important for this because most people frequently begin eating with their eyes. What pleases the eye, pleases the mouth and then the gut. Food colors have the power to turn ordinary ingredients into fascinating concoctions that draw attention and tempt one to take a mouthful. Brilliance offered by blue color is one such color that instantly uplifts the food product. ROHA contributes in abundance to provide the right blue for all your coloring woes!

One Stop Color Solutions

Manufacturers use color additives not only to add value to the given product but also to conceal discoloration that sometimes takes place due to exposure to the atmosphere. Brilliant blue color, other than edibles, is also used in soaps, shampoos, mouthwash and other hygiene and cosmetics applications.

An interesting application of brilliant blue is in soil science. It is beneficial for administering water distribution in the soil and infiltration capacities. Let’s find out more about ROHA’s vivid range of blues that can boost the product at hand:

  • BRILLIANT BLUE FCF: Brilliant Blue gives an appearance of blue shade in all its applications.
  • IDACOL INDIGO CARMINE: Indigo carmine also known as indigo tine or FD&C Blue 2. It gives an appearance of violet to blue shade in the applications.
  • IDACOL PATENT BLUE V: Patent Blue V is a dark bluish dye used as a food color. It gives an appearance of blue to greenish blue shade in the applications.
  • SPIRULINA BLUE: Spirulina has existed as a superfood for years and when it was naturally sourced to bring out Spirulina Blue, it gained tremendous popularity for the multitude of applications it offers.

Supremacy Of Stability

Various blue colors perform their best as per the environment they are put through. Let’s look into it further.

  • BRILLIANT BLUE FCF: With a rightly balanced pH, it provides excellent resistance to light and heat and is soluble in water. It is available in forms such as powder, granular & plating grade. Pet food, candies, meat, high matrices fat products, etc. and many more applications can be enhanced by using this.
  • IDACOL INDIGO CARMINE: It is light resistant, pH balanced and selectively heat resistant as well. It is available in powder, granular & SOL forms. Compound coating, hard-boiled candies, jellies, dry seasoning, etc. are some of its major applications.
  • IDACOL PATENT BLUE V: Available in powder & granular forms, it is pH balanced. With strong resistance to heat and light, it is used for applications in dairy products, a variety of beverages – fortified beverages especially and many more.
  • SPIRULINA BLUE: Spirulina blue food color displays splendid light stability and is also dependable between pH 4-8. Its applications include confectionery, beverages, icings, fillings, and ice cream as well.

ROHA-Bringing To You Its Best

ROHA has been a pioneer in market trends as a top food color manufacturer with expertise spanning over 5 decades. ROHA’s team of experts has successfully developed high-performance colorants for a variety of applications. To offer food coloring that precisely matches the original specifications, ROHA co-partners with food brands with an approach that is customer-centric which has always been the distinctive feature of ROHA. We would like to hear from you! For any query, please write to us at

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