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ROHA’s Range Of Clean-Label Orange Color Solutions

The Need For Clean-Labelling

The usage of using clean labels is known as clean labelling. A clean label, in the eyes of the consumer, is easy to read and free of difficult names and unintelligible codes such as E-numbers. The aim is to give food products an organic, balanced appearance in order to boost sales. Top-quality clean-label food colors are pivotal for this very reason. Let’s read about clean-label orange food colors!

Orange Food Coloring

Orange is a fun, vibrant and trendy food color! Orange colors are derived from a variety of sources that are low-cost and exist naturally. ROHA’s range of natural orange food colors includes clean-label color solutions that bring out perfect shades for all applications. We offer shades of orange that span from reddish to yellowish orange without compromising on stability and provide warm intense color to all food applications.


Clean-label orange food coloring is a versatile part of ROHA’s range of food colors. With applications spanning widely in all edible categories, our offerings are formulated keeping in mind the consumer’s conscious needs. The applications include gummies & jellies, hard candies, carbonated soft drinks, still beverages, juice-based beverages, sports drinks, fortified beverages, alcoholic beverages, sauces, soups & condiments, dairy beverages, yogurt & fruit preparations, ice cream, baked goods (cookies, crackers, cakes) & sauces, soups & condiments, extruded snacks & cereals, pasta & noodles, canned meat and pet food.

Various Shades, Forms & Supreme Stability

Our range of orange food colors under Futurals Orange is available in many forms that are suitable for the above-mentioned applications:

  • Water soluble liquid
  • Oil soluble liquid
  • Water dispersible liquid

With brilliant resistance to heat and light and fairly balanced pH, all our products can contribute very well to providing vivid shades ranging from yellowish reds to yellowish orange. The warm look of products can be achieved by using our products under Futurals given below:

  • Futurals Apricot Orange
  • Futurals Pro Citrus Orange
  • Futurals Pro Pumpkin
  • Futurals Blood Orange
  • Futurals Paprika CF
  • Futurals Pumpkin Orange
  • Futurals Peach Orange

ROHA’s Select Range: Futurals

Futurals is the coloring solution that will help the world transition to clean-label foods. ROHA engages in research, development and technology to develop Futurals – a range of products that impart color and can be labelled as the source of extract – with commitment and focus. There is no chemical intervention in the production process. The vibrancy of these food colors can be seen in a variety of applications in the food and beverage and nutrition industries, as mentioned above.
ROHA’s Offerings

ROHA has been a market trend-setter as a leading food color manufacturer for over 5 decades. ROHA’s expert team has developed high-performance colorants for a wide range of applications. We collaborate with food brands to provide food coloring that accurately matches their requirements, with a customer-centric approach that has always been a distinguishing feature of ROHA. We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at for all your queries.

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