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Pushing the Innovation Envelope Further with ChromaFine Micronized Food Colors

Ever since their invention, micronized food colors have remained a popular additive in diverse food applications.

Micronized colors offer distinctive advantages, including better solubility, dispersion, and color intensity. This makes them uniquely suitable for a wide range of seasonings applications where uniformity and consistency are paramount to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Pushing the innovation envelope further, ROHA has recently added ChromaFine – a new range of ultrafine micronized food colors to its already wide range of natural food colorants. Here is everything you should know…

Understanding Micronized Food Colors

Micronized food colors are manufactured using a meticulous process known as micronization which involves reducing the colorant’s particle size to a micron level.

These ultrafine powders seamlessly enhance the dispersion, solubility, and brightness of the colorant. Due to their reduced particle size, micronized powders lend a homogeneous color effect, intensely bright color appearance, and improved mixing stability with other ingredients.

ROHA’s ChromaFine Micronized Colors

Meticulously sourced from natural ingredients, our micronized powder ChromaFine adds rich, authentic colors to your seasoning blends, making them visually tantalizing. ChromaFine works especially well in oil-based applications like seasonings, giving you a lively palette that grabs attention from the start.

ChromaFine’s commitment to clean label and natural solutions align seamlessly with the growing consumer preference for clean label products. This ensures that your seasoning products are noticed for their natural appeal and original qualities.

What makes ChromaFine special is its easy blending and spreading that creates intensely vibrant color hues. This not only catches the eye but also maintains a high standard of quality in your offerings.


Here are four distinct advantages that set ChromaFine apart from conventional micronized colors:

1. Vibrant and Consistent Colors

ChromaFine introduces precision to natural food coloring through its micronized technology, ensuring an unparalleled level of color consistency in each seasoning blend.

The vibrant colors transform your products into eye-catching delights, grabbing attention and offering a naturally appealing charm.

2. Enhanced Color Consistency

ChromaFine brings forth a vibrant palette that captures attention effortlessly, standing out in oil-based applications. Careful sourcing of natural ingredients adds to a higher level of color consistency, establishing a fresh benchmark for the quality and precision of natural food coloring.

3. Versatile Applications

Adapting seamlessly to diverse applications, from seasonings to compressed confectioneries, fat fillings, and compound coatings, ChromaFine showcases its versatility.

This flexibility allows you to effortlessly add vibrant and authentic colors to your food products.

4. Custom Shades

ChromaFine empowers you to craft custom shades, adding a unique and personalized touch to your seasoned offerings.

Whether you desire bold reds or earthy greens, ChromaFine provides a palette for your creative expression, ensuring that the final outcome is as visually delightful as its taste.

Summing Up

Micronized food colors have consistently played a pivotal role in providing unparalleled advantages such as solubility, dispersion, and color intensity. Leading the way in pushing innovation is ROHA’s ChromaFine.

As ROHA continues to lead the way in tailor made food color solutions, join us to explore the vibrant possibilities of ChromaFine and experience a transformative journey in the world of micronized food colors. For more information, please visit or get in touch with us at

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