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ROHA provides natural food color solutions to confectionery manufacturers under its brand Natracol. ROHA offers a rainbow of natural colors from its range to achieve appropriate hues in candies to attract consumers’ eyes. ROHA’s natural color brand ,Natracol, carries a wide range of natural colors that are formulated specifically for gummy, hard candy, panned candy, and confectionary coating applications.

Natural colors for Chocolate and Compound Coating

Formulated from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables and other edible plants, ROHA’s natural color range Natracol is renowned for brightness and stability in chocolate and compound coatings. Our Technical expertise can help you to obtain different shades of natural food colors for the confectionaries of your product line.

Natural colors for Gummies and Jellies

When it comes to natural colors for gummies, look no further. At ROHA, we source nothing but the highest quality natural ingredients for our natural color range. Whether it is pinks, blues, reds or any of the colors of the rainbow, we can innovate the exact shade you wish for your product line under our natural food color brand Natracol which are stable at low pH values.

Natural Color Manufacturers for Hard Candies

ROHA’s natural food color range Natracol provides various color options which are produced naturally using fruits, vegetables and edible plants. Our natural food color solutions can achieve stability on low ph levels which have always been an alarming issue for hard candies. Here at ROHA, we can provide you with varieties of shades that are stable for your hard candies.

Natural Color Manufacturers for Panned Candies

The most challenging part of panned candies has been their solubility in high Brix sugar syrup. ROHA has natural food color solutions under the brand Natracol, which has numerous colors and hues from yellow to orange, pink to red, and blue to green. These natural food colors offered by ROHA can overcome the challenges of panning.

Natural food colors for other confectionaries

ROHA’s natural food color brand Natracol has a plethora of colors that has a lot to offer for all kinds of confectionaries such as chewing gums, tablets, sprinkles, toffees, liquorice and more. Natracol efficiently addresses the growing market demand to present a portfolio of natural colors that covers the client’s requirements.

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