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Making Comfort Foods More Comfortable With Natural And Clean-label Food Colors

In today’s fast-paced world, ‘comfort foods’ have become a life savior to millions worldwide, especially the working populace. Soups, sandwiches, and other instant food items made from a combination of diverse sauces are often the go-to option if one is feeling a bit down or just in need of something quick, warm, and filling.

That’s because a warm bowl of soup or a creamy rich sauce-based dish instantly makes you feel comfortable. Particularly on a chilly day or when you’re reeling under the weather, these food items instantly offer a sense of warmth and sustenance that can uplift the mood.

Since soups and sauces can be customized to suit any taste or dietary need, they are particularly cherished as comfort meals. From a creamy tomato flavor to a spicy chili one, soups can be made with a variety of ingredients and spices to create a satisfying meal.

Additionally, a wide range of sauces can be used to enhance the flavor of a variety of dishes such as pasta, meats, and vegetables, adding an extra layer of comfort to the dining experience.

The Benefits Of Making Your Own Soups And Sauces

One of the primary benefits of making your own soup or sauce is the ability to choose the ingredients used in them. By preparing homemade versions, you have the assurance that only natural food colorings are incorporated, without any artificial additives or preservatives. These natural food colorings not only provide vivid colors, but also offer health benefits, as they are derived from plants and fruits..

Utilizing organic food colorings for comfort foods also provides a healthier alternative, as they are free of hazardous chemicals. Besides ingredient control, preparing your own soups and sauces enables you to experiment with various spices and seasonings, producing unique flavor combinations that cater to your individual preferences. You can also customize the level of seasoning and spices to ensure that the dish is perfectly seasoned and gratifying.

Instant Foods As Quick And Easy Comfort Food Options

However, for those who are short on time or don’t enjoy cooking, instant foods can provide a quick and easy option as a comfort food. Instant noodles, instant oatmeals, and frozen meals are just a few examples of instant foods that can provide a satisfying meal in a matter of minutes. While these options may not always use natural food colors or organic food colors, they can still provide a convenient choice for busy or stressful days.

New Culinary Experiences

The food sector is adept at quenching consumers’ insatiable thirst for new culinary experiences. On account of this, the soup category has also experienced significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, as consumers actively sought out foods that provide both comfort and health benefits. In the US, 46% of category users ate more soup throughout the pandemic for health reasons, while 37% increased their intake of soup as comfort food (Source: Mintel). As food prices continue to rise and consumers become more anxious about the impact of climate change, soup’s ability to provide both comfort and health benefits is increasingly appealing.

New Culinary Experiences

As consumers get more and more inclined to choose natural and clean-label food colors over synthetic ones, food manufacturers are increasingly compelled to prioritize transparency in their consumer offerings.

When it comes to natural and clean-label food colors, ROHA has remained the preferred partner for comfort food manufacturers around the world. ROHA’s Natracol range of natural food colors derived from diverse botanical sources offers exceptional stability and performance characteristics that are essential for maintaining the consistent visual appearance of soups and sauces under varying processing conditions such as heat, light, and pH variations of soups and sauces.

Similarly, ROHA’s Futurals range of clean-label food colors offers comfort food manufacturers a wide range of vibrant, plant-based colors that cater to clean-label-conscious consumers. Providing an extensive palette for manufacturers to create visually striking soups and sauces, the Futurals range of colors ensures that the desired hue and intensity are consistently maintained throughout the product’s shelf life.

To learn how ROHA’s specialists can closely work with you to co-create a diverse range of customized natural and clean-label food colors for your soups and sauces, get in touch with us at

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