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ROHA offers synthetic food color solutions for coloring beverages under the brand name Idacol which includes pure pigments and custom blends. ROHA’s technical experts will not only provide color solutions for you but work with you to troubleshoot difficulties rising from formulations to the shelf-life stability of your beverage product. At ROHA, we use the latest technology in emulsification and encapsulation to develop our colors considering everchanging demands of the market. The Idacol range of food colors are available in powder and liquid water-soluble variants. ROHA’s synthetic solutions are customized for you to emphasize safety, availability, precision, and versatility. So, if it is a color for food, it has to must be an Idacol from ROHA.

Synthetic Food Colors for Chocolate and Compound Coating

The compound coating is a mixture of fat and sugar used to replace chocolate in many applications. ROHA’s Idacol range of synthetic colors offers oil dispersible liquids to provide vibrant shades. Here at Roha, we provide end to end stable food color solutions for your requirements that blend well for chocolate & compound coatings.

Synthetic Food Colors for Jellies and Gummies

Gummies are traditionally consumed as snacks but now gaining popularity as a carrier for the supplements in one’s daily diet. ROHA’s synthetic food color range under the brand Idacol offers a wide range of colors that are stable at low pH values in the gummy matrices.  With ROHA, you can rest assured that your gummies will always be a sight to behold when it comes to color.

Manufacturers of Synthetic Food Colors for Hard Candies

Hard candies are seeking attention as the nutraceutical industry blooms. Low pH and high-temperature processing conditions required for hard candy make color application difficult. Our Idacol range of synthetic food color provides varied pH and heat stable options to overcome this challenge. With an experienced team of experts cued in to the latest food trends around the world, ROHA has a solution for every idea and need.

Synthetic Food Color Manufacturers for Panned Candies

Panned confectionaries are all-time favorites irrespective of age and occasion. Numerous layers of colored sugar syrup create a crunchy hard shell that attracts attention because of its vibrant colors. ROHA’s synthetic food color range, Idacol has numerous options to offer for panning applications where solubility in high Brix sugar syrup is challenging. 

Synthetic Food Colors for other Confectionaries

ROHA’s synthetic food color portfolio does not limit itself to the major confectionary categories but it has a lot to offer for other confections like tablets, chewing gums, sprinkles, liquorice, toffees and more. ROHA’s synthetic food color brand Idacol has a range of colors for all kinds of confectionaries that can help to make them look vibrant and attractive.

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