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Healthful Choices Of Mindful Consumers


Food awareness is a way for companies to help consumers make informed decisions about what to eat and drink by providing them with key information about ingredients, nutrition facts, and other important information about their food and beverage products. The pandemic has adversely affected consumers and they are more eager than usual to step out and explore. Edible items should be certified by governing bodies for human consumption. Today, there is an availability of natural and healthier alternatives of food, drug & cosmetic colors. All of these are important to consumers in varied capacities. Food experts can help consumers understand how different ingredients affect their health, what nutrients are found in a particular product, how their food will affect their body’s metabolism and the energy level they need throughout the day or what foods should be eaten together for health benefits.

Food Awareness

Food awareness is the process of informing consumers about the nutritional, health and environmental benefits of food items. Food awareness can be achieved by providing information on the production of food and its processing. It can also be achieved by creating awareness of the benefits of eating certain types of foods.

Food awareness can be achieved through various means. The most common ways include:

  • Labeling: This is where a company puts labels on their products to inform consumers about their ingredients and other information that is relevant to the product being sold.
  • Instruction Manuals: These manuals are designed to inform consumers about how to use the product safely and effectively.
  • Nutritional Facts: These are found on food packaging, which helps consumers understand how much protein, fat or sugar is contained in each serving size of a given product.
  • Food Guides: These guides provide suggestions for healthy eating based on age, gender and activity level.

Food Choices Of Consumers

Consumers want information on what they eat and drink, how their food is produced, how it is processed and how it impacts their health. They want to know where their foods come from, what goes into them, how they are prepared, whether there are additives or preservatives in them and whether they are GMO-free.

A recent study has shed light on consumer behavior where the preference has shifted slightly from ingredients to clean labels. Consumers are growing to opt for clean-label products instead of diving into ingredients. They also want to know where their food comes from and how much it costs.

In many cases, consumers will pay more for “natural” or “clean label” products because they feel like these products are healthier for them than other types of products with similar ingredients but different packaging or branding.

Mindful Applications Of Natural Food Colors

A key element of this process is consumer awareness about natural and clean-label food colors in food applications. Natural food dyes are those derived from plants or other parts of nature — such as beetroot, turmeric or annatto. Food awareness is a process of helping consumers make informed decisions about food & drink and clean-label products have increasingly caught consumers’ attention due to the same increased awareness.

By having access to the latest nutrition science, consumers have gained a certain perceptiveness to opt for healthful products. Consumers are increasingly interested in the raw materials used in the production of foods.

Our range of vibrant natural colors are beneficial for application in a wide spectrum of edibles – solid foods and also beverages. Confectionery items, beverages and even dairy products such as candies, jellies, gummies, still drinks, carbonated soft drinks, juice-based beverages, sports drinks, yogurts, ice-creams, cheese and many other applications can be achieved by using our natural food colors. Natural food colors contribute to innovations of various food items, add vibrancy to the products and take care of the necessity of clean-label products for consumers.

ROHA Impacting Mindful Food Choices Positively

ROHA has continually catered to ever-evolving market trends and kept consumers on a pedestal. ROHA’s range of certified colors and dehydrated ingredients are derived naturally and provide the consumer with a lot to choose from. Our efficient team of experts is enthusiastic about walking you through our range of products, their functionality, most suitable applications and are also willing to assist you with any requirement. For requesting a sample or connecting with our experts, please write to us at

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