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Everything To Know About ROHA’s Premium Range Dehydrated Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been an integral part of the human diet since time immemorial with recent archaeological discoveries tracing evidence of mushroom consumption among the Upper Paleolithic people dating back over 18,700 years.

Offering numerous health benefits, mushrooms are one of the most popular foods around the world. However, since fresh mushrooms are highly perishable in nature, dehydrating them using various methodologies is pivotal to preserving and extending their shelf life. 

Dehydrating Mushrooms: A Step-by-step Guide

From sun drying fresh mushrooms to adopting a more meticulous process using advanced machines, dehydrated mushrooms have come a long way.
At ROHA, we follow a stringent 10-step process carefully monitored by our experts for our wide range of dehydrated mushrooms:

  1. Material Delivery – When the raw mushrooms are delivered to our factory, our experts first assess the condition of each batch and then discard any batch that is damaged during transportation.
  2. Sieving – The raw mushrooms are then passed through a sieve to carefully separate them from any foreign objects like dirt, twigs, leaves, etc. to ensure that only clean mushrooms are taken to the next stage.
  3. Visual Control and Manual Sorting – Our highly trained team then carefully inspects and sorts the mushrooms to discard any damaged or low-quality mushrooms to ensure that only the best quality mushrooms are used.
  4. Granulation – The sorted mushrooms then are processed into smaller granules that help in the dehydration process and faster handling times.
  5. Calibration – To ensure seamless uniformity, the granulated mushrooms are then carefully sorted based on their size which helps in consistent drying across the batch.
  6. Densimetric Selection – The mushrooms are then passed through a densimetric machine to separate any remaining foreign bodies or impurities from the granulated mushrooms.
  7. Steam Treatment – In this stage, the mushrooms undergo an advanced steam treatment to eliminate any microorganisms or pathogens.
  8. Metal Detection – The processed mushrooms are then passed through a heavy-duty metal detector to identify and remove any metal contaminants that could have possibly entered during any of the previous stages.
  9. Visual Control and Manual Storage – As a final quality check, our trained personnel visually inspect and sort the dehydrated mushrooms and discard any defective pieces before storing the rest in our storage rooms. 
  10. Packaging – The dehydrated mushrooms are then packaged and sealed with the requisite labeling before they are distributed to our vast network spread around the globe.

Versatile Uses of Dehydrated Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are used in a wide range of recipes across diverse cuisines. As one of the most commonly used ingredients in soups, stews, sauces, and gravies, mushrooms add depth and complexity to the flavor profile. One of the most popular recipes made using dried mushrooms is the Mushroom Risotto.


In this classic Italian dish, the dried mushrooms are first rehydrated by soaking them in hot water for 20-30 minutes until they are tender. Then, sautéed onions, garlic, and the rehydrated mushrooms are lightly heated in a pan, and arborio rice is added and cooked until the rice is toasted. Chicken or vegetable broth is then added to the rice while stirring constantly until the rice is cooked and creamy. Finally, butter, cheese, and fresh herbs like parsley or thyme are added to season the Risotto.

ROHA’s Premium Range of Dehydrated Mushrooms

For over four decades, ROHA has been providing high-quality wild and cultivated mushrooms around the world. Whether it’s Boletus Edulis (the famous porcini), Chanterelle, Champignon, or Shitake, ROHA has it all. Our staff members are highly trained in mycology and go through regular training sessions to ensure that all our mushrooms are safely and hygienically selected and processed. To ensure the highest levels of quality and safety, all our mushrooms are certified by a professional mycologist. All of this is made possible by our state-of-the-art factories that deploy sophisticated Steam Treatment processes that ensure that you get only the best quality mushrooms in diverse forms like powders, granules, and diced pieces.

To learn more about our wide range of premium dehydrated mushrooms, please visit or get in touch with us at

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