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Bright Yellow Natural Food Colors Derived From Turmeric And Its Uses

Turmeric yellow color, orange candies, bright yellow jelly, cheese, and mustard sauce – all these foodstuffs feature hues that come from the same color family. The color curcumin or Curcuma, as it is called at times, is a natural, plant-based color derived from Curcuma longa. Curcuma longa is a tropical spice, which is a part of the ginger family.

Curcumin natural colors range from bright yellow to pale yellow shades. These are natural colors and are increasingly preferred by conscious consumers who are opting for natural foods.

But how is this turmeric yellow food coloring derived, what are its applications and what are its properties? We’ll tell you all about curcumin natural food colors in this blog.

What Is Curcumin Color?

Curcumin is the bright yellow color of turmeric yellow color derived from the plants of the Curcuma longa species. Curcumin is created through a process of extraction of the color from turmeric and purification through crystallization.

Curcumin provides bright yellow to light yellow shades. Curcumin is an oil-soluble color. It is not soluble in water but can be made to dissolve in water.

Curcumin Applications

The color of foodstuffs is one of the most important factors. Color has a sensory quality and can impact consumers’ decisions of buying or rejecting a food product.

With growing health consciousness, consumers the world over are opting for safe, clean label & natural food colors.

Turmeric yellow food coloring holds importance in a number of food industries – from bakery, dairy, confectionery to packaged foods.

Turmeric yellow color is applicable across food products such as beverages, baked items, dairy products, cookies, candies, icing, sauces, and more.

As the color ranges from bright fluorescent yellow to pale yellow, it is used to provide color to various types of foods.

The color, being stable in heat, works well in applications such as soups, dairy and dry mixes that may go through the process of heating in food preparations.

Properties Of Curcumin Natural Food Colors

  • Curcumin natural colors are derived from a natural, plant-based source called as Curcuma longa.
  • Curcumin has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Yellow food coloring made with turmeric has these anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • This range of bright yellow colors made from turmeric is highly stable when exposed to heat and light.
  • This color does not change its intensity, shade, or brightness with the change of pH.
  • Yellow food coloring made with turmeric is not soluble in water but can be made to dissolve in water.
  • Its natural qualities promote health and wellbeing. Moreover, this range of curcumin colors is suitable to vegan diets when compared to other options of the same hues made from insects.

Roha’s Curcumin Range Of Colors

Roha’s portfolio of turmeric yellow color covers a wide spectrum of shades that can be used for different applications. Moreover, our experts actively work with clients who require customized color solutions for specific products. If you’re a food manufacturer, looking for natural turmeric colors for food products, you can get in touch with us to explore our wide curcumin portfolio.

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