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Play to us is a concept that aims to bring about a fresh new appeal that is young and creative, with the essence of ‘playing with ingredients’. For our customers, Play is about a brand that is easy to interact with and open to innovative experimentation. To our employees, Play is about teamwork and a friendly & happy work culture. Above all, Play at its heart is about incorporating inspiration in everyday life and in everything we aspire to be.

Haunted Desk Halloween

Thailand Team
USA Canada Team
Brazil Team

Office Superheroes Unite

Indonesia Team
South Africa Team
Vietnam Team

Environment Day Celebration

Environment Day - Plant
Environment Day - USA

Friendship Day Celebration

Laughter, fun, and friendship - the perfect recipe for Friendship Day memories!
Hands clasped in friendship, hearts united in joy on Friendship Day
Words of friendship penned, bonds forever strengthened

Navratri Celebration at HO

Celebrated red day by dressing in red to symbolize power of the divine feminine energy
Dressed in Royal Blue to represent tranquility, devotion and infinite nature of the divine
Dressed in shades of Yellow to celebrate brightness, prosperity & invoking positivity and enlightment
Navratri Green
Dressed in shades of Green to celebrate the harmony of nature and life
Navretri White
Wore white to reflect purity, peace & the pursuit of knowledge and truth
Navratri Dandiya
Played dandiya to celebrate the victory of good over evil on the Dussehra day
Navaratri - Blue Color
Navaratri - Blue Color
Naratri Puja
Worshipping equipments in the laboratory on the ocassion of Dussehra
Worshipping Goddess and invoking blessings
Navaratri Aarati
Singing holy songs to please the Goddess
Navaratri - Blue Color
Navaratri - Blue Color

ROHA's Chill-Out Retreat

Ready to make a splash at Aqua Imagica's water wonderland
Capturing the excitement before diving into a day of aquatic thrills!
From slides to smiles, delivering endless fun!
Gearing for chilly adventure in the snow
Frosty fun with our snowy friend
Embracing winter wonders!!
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