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Valentine’s Day: Greetings Of Reds

Look Beyond The Heart This V-Day

This Valentine’s Day, we will take care of festive and flavorful delights! Whether it is candies, gummies, jelly, fruit wrapped in chocolate, or even truffles – we have got your back! It’s not surprising that roses and chocolates are now directly associated with Valentine’s Day and the highest sales that are witnessed during the first two months of any year are of treats & roses.

A healthy gut makes the heart happy and we want to contribute to this! Let’s explore the combination of your creativity with our wide range of natural food colors & dried ingredients to create an exciting range of treats of your own.

Inventive Opportunities This V-Day

Shades that dominate Valentine’s Day are red & pink. To include these shades in treats is a challenge we have overcome. Red food coloring and pink food coloring positively impact and beautify the treats by remaining true to the festive spirit. Let’s look at ROHA’s excellent range of natural food colors:

ROHA’s carmine color singlehandedly offers both these specific festive shades of red & pink along with other vibrant colors and provides excellent stability when it comes to pH, light and even heat. As this is highly soluble in water and available in liquid and powdered form, its application becomes easy.

A deep red and maroon can be achieved by using ROHA’s carmoisine which is exceptionally resistant to light and moderately resistant to heat yet offers a perfectly balanced pH.

When used in a controlled environment, ROHA’s anthocyanins offer various degrees of red as the fact that an excess of pigment can make the color turn blue. Anthocyanins are natural food colors and offer appropriate resistance to light & heat while remaining pH balanced.

Allura red is soluble in water, brings a vibrant red, offers supreme stability to the product at hand and is available in powdered, granular and SOL form.

With optimum resistance to light and heat and balanced pH, Rose pink is a natural food color and is most preferred for application in liquids such as fruity yogurt.

When it comes to applications of these colors, it is also important to understand that the growth of global trends in the food market directly impacts the production of food items. The surge in the number of aware consumers who are conscious about what enters their bodies is directly proportional to food brands and manufacturers who are looking for healthful alternatives to food ingredients.

With exciting health trends like meat-free, dairy-free and vegan foods on the rise, it is pivotal to innovate foods by giving dishes a healthy twist. Our range of natural food colors and dried foods are formulated keeping in mind this growing need of the market which makes the application suitable and easy. Sugar cookies, truffles, sorbet, cakes, candies and dipped strawberries are traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day. By incorporating superfoods and the addition of our natural food colors into these food items, one can not only make it healthy but can also make it look appealing. Dehydrated fruits, berries and other flavorful items are a part of our range of dried foods for such healthy dishes that enhance the flavor and add a pleasant freshness to them. By snacking on such healthful items, consumers will be able to truly give their minds and body a treat!

All Rounder For All Your V-Day Concerns

To meet the ever-changing needs of the food business, ROHA has been at the forefront of offering remarkable color solutions. Our offerings also provide food brands with inventive opportunities by offering dried foods. Minimal processing enables us to offer an authentic range of dehydrated ingredients that enriches the texture, flavor, nutritional value and color of the product at hand. We diligently source naturally dried foods while preserving their nutritional worth. Over the years, ROHA has maintained its sharp focus on contributing globally and constantly staying current with market changes. For requesting a sample and understand in depth about our products, please write to us at
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