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Roha’s Range Of Color Solutions – Carmoisine

Why Synthetic Colors Are Equally Important

Food manufacturers are increasingly using synthetic food colors rather than natural food colors to achieve certain benefits such as low cost, improved appearance, high color intensity, greater color stability, and uniformity. Color is an important factor in increasing the ultimate appetising value and for gaining consumer recognition of foods and beverages. These colors are formulated in a controlled environment which helps in determining their properties and contributing to manufacturers’ choices of colors as per the requirement of the edible product at hand.

Various foods and beverages on the market require usage of synthetic food colors to enhance their visual appeal. Some of the leading manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical, home and personal care industries use our multitalented colors. Our colors are produced in both water-soluble and insoluble forms with a commitment to safety, accessibility, specificity, and versatility.

Stability Of Shades

Carmoisine color is a red food dye which gives an appearance of red to maroon shade in the applications and can also be used as pink food coloring. To achieve shades of reds and maroons, manufacturers can opt for this artificial food coloring that is suitable for all edible purposes. Along with great stability to pH, this red food coloring agent offers excellent stability to heat and light making the application user-friendly.


Food additives are commonly used by food manufacturers to improve the taste, appearance, and flavor of various foods and beverages. Our applications include – dairy beverages, yogurt & fruit preparations, ice cream, cheese & processed cheese, chocolate & compounding coatings, gummies & jellies, hard candies, panned candies, carbonated soft drinks, still beverages, juice based beverages, sports drinks, fortified beverages, powdered beverages, alcoholic beverages, baked goods (cookies, crackers, cakes)sauces, soups & condiments, dry mixes & seasonings, extruded snacks & cereals, pasta & noodles, raw meat, fully cooked meats (not shelf stabled)canned meat, analogues, sea foods, casings, pet food and pharma products. With such an enormous range of edible applications, our food colors are truly versatile!

Forms As Per Requirement

Carmoisine color’s range of applications as mentioned above are of varied degrees. To meet the variability of manufacturing processes, ROHA offers this color in forms that are most suited for above mentioned applications:

  • Powder
  • Granular
  • Sol
  • Plating grade
Roha's Supreme Colors
ROHA’s Idacol product line is manufactured in facilities that are certified to maintain high quality, food safety, and feed safety management systems. Lake pigments are Idacol’s alternative to water-insoluble dyes, and these vibrant colours are highly consistent as powders or pre-dispersed liquids in oil, sugar syrup, glycerine, and other liquids. Our colors can be customised with specific blends that are suitable for all applications and to find out more about this, please write to us at
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