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Natural Spreads: Roha’s Supreme Range Of Natural Colors


Consumer behavior drives the innovation of product development in the market and their interest in opting for healthy plant-based and natural products have seen a steep rise in the recent decade. For instance, dairy substitutes continue to have the largest market, followed by meat and fish substitutes and baked goods. It is now expected that consumers are looking for options for different products and are requesting a reduction in sugar in their varied dietary recommendations.

Certain studies associate the intake of sugar and calories with body weight issues. A growing number of consumers believe that the less processed a recipe is, the higher its quality. Dips and spreads are gaining importance due to their high nutritional count and low processing capacities. Consumers prefer shorter ingredient lists and the presence of well-known ingredients in their choice of products. Manufacturers may find it difficult to reduce sugar while still maintaining a product’s distinctive sweetness, taste, and sensory qualities. Let’s read more about this!

Conscious Consumers – Low Sugar Choices For Sweet Spreads And Dips

Despite the emphasis on reducing sugar, consumers nevertheless believe that sucrose is the sweetener they prefer the most. Consumers also believe that white and brown sugars are the most natural, sustainable, and healthy options and are keen on replacing sugar with sweeteners.

A large number of consumers are keen on controlling the diets of children which makes them look for reduced sugar content in healthy food products. It’s more difficult to replace sugar than just sweetness. In addition to imparting flavor, improving texture and adding bulk, sugar also draws in and holds onto moisture, which is necessary for browning due to the Maillard reaction with amino acids. With the right kind of natural food coloring, one can easily enhance the visual appeal of spreads.

Without sugar, products might not aerate, solidify, or crystallise properly. It’s possible that substituting another sweetener for sugar won’t produce a satisfying result on its own. Because of this, sugar reduction frequently needs extra components to accurately reproduce the whole sensory experience of sugar.

Plant-Based & Vegan Options

Consumers are eager to understand latest trends and adopt means to elevate their lifestyle. Clean labels, food security, animal welfare, sustainability and food security are important trends that are taking place globally. Inquiries concerning vegan or plant-based development are increasing, notably in the area of plant-based meat and fish substitutes. This is still expanding, not only among conventional plant-based foods but also with conventional meat and fish processors who are becoming more aware of the advantages of plant-based substitutes. Choosing organic food colors is important for creating spreads that meet the health requirements of consumers.

Natural Spreads – Consumer Preferences

Spreads are a popular breakfast staple, however, most of the time they are loaded with high-calorie ingredients, salt, sugar, and other additives. Food brands are reassuring consumers of the nutritional value of spreads by highlighting essential nutrients, such as protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Keeping in mind food sustainability and high consumer impact, innovative spreads are in the make of being made out of natural ingredients such as honey and fruits for sweet spreads. To add vividness to natural spreads, ROHA’s range of natural food colors contributes very well.

Roha’s Natural Colors For Spread

We at ROHA bring a network of application laboratories across continents and use our lateral value chain to bring you the best. Manufacturers can produce decadent items with less sugar and additional health advantages by replicating the sweetness and sensory qualities of candy and bakery with cutting-edge sweeteners that we offer. In order to deliver the suitable range of products that are required for formulating natural spreads such as natural food colors and sweeteners, we request you to write to us at

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