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In the pharma industry, colors are used to enhance visual appeal, represent an identity, and to create familiarity with a product. For the longest time, synthetic solutions have been the go-to color solution for the pharma industry. However, due to the developments in consumer expectations and the ever-changing global health and wellness related trends, the demand for natural colors in the pharma industry has been increasing.  Our natural colors brand, Natracol, portfolio provides water-soluble & oil dispersible color solutions which are stable, provide smooth textures, don’t bleed, reduce processing time, eliminate sedimentation, and achieve the perfect shades just as their synthetic counterparts. Our technical experts are equipped with deep extensive technical understanding of industry insights and consumer demands along with innovative problem-solving capabilities to create the best solutions for pharma applications. 

Natural Colors for powder and granular products

ROHA’s natural colors have a wide hue of colors which requires a very low dosage in pharma applications. Our brand Natracol supplies a range of natural colors that micronize water-soluble and lake colors. These natural colors are highly suitable for pharmaceutical capsule applications.

Natural Colors for Pharmaceutical Ointment and Gel Products

ROHA has an array of certified colors that are extracted naturally from various fruits, vegetables, and flowers. These colors are oil-soluble and solvent-soluble in nature. ROHA’s brand Natracol provides a wide range of natural colors for pharmaceutical ointment and gel products.

Natural Colors for Pharmaceutical Ointment and Fat Cream Products

While implementing natural colors in ointment and fat creams can be a challenge for pharma manufacturers. Here at ROHA, we have a range of natural colors that are oil-soluble and solvent-soluble. ROHA’s brand Natracol can provide natural color solutions for ointment and fat creams producers. 

Natural Colors for Pharmaceutical Liquids

ROHA’s Natracol provides natural color solutions to pharmaceutical liquids manufacturers. These colors are highly soluble and are available in powder/granular and liquid form. Our expert scientists have developed a wide range of natural colors that are suitable for the pharma industry.

Natural Colors for Compressed Tablets

ROHA’s natural colors can easily blend for direct compression or a traditional wet system of powdered, crystalline, or granular materials for tablets with strong compression-resistant capacity. ROHA’s brand Natracol for natural colors can be a one-stop solution for all compressed tablet applications.

Natural Colors for Coated Tablets

ROHA’s Natracol range of natural colors provides controlled particle size of lakes that permits excellence in coating color and texture. Our expert team of scientists at ROHA has created an excellent range of natural colors for coated tablet applications.

Natural Colors for Pharmaceutical Capsules

ROHA supplies a wide portfolio of natural colors, produced in isolated equipment, conforming to the exceptional demands of the pharmaceutical industry. These micronized  colors impart excellent color hue through exceptionally low dosage in pharmaceutical powder and granular tablets. 

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