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Petfood color solutions are strictly governed by our love for our pets and the regulations set by governing bodies around the world. These along with the processing challenges that are associated with petfood manufacturing processes such as extrusion and retorting make the use of natural colors quite challenging in petfood applications. As a global leader in the food color industry, ROHA is well suited to meet the expectations of pet food companies. It helps to be a dynamic partner with stable solutions to a range of new innovative pet food products. As a global leader in the food color industry, ROHA aims to be a robust and innovative partner that provides stable color solutions for pet food manufacturers. Under the brand Natracol, we provide the most effective natural food colors that are cost-effective and highly functional in petfood applications. 

Natural food colors in dry pet foods

With more and more pet parents scanning labels of pet foods they patronize, there is a need for natural food color solutions. ROHA manufactures a range of natural food color products that help ensure maximum delight among both — the pet parents and the pets. Our brand, Natracol offers a wide selection of natural colors to meet the customer demands in dry pet food applications. 

Natural food colors in wet pet foods

Pets love food that is colored right. It’s so much more appetising. ROHA understands what pets mean to pet parents and that they want the best quality food for them. The product developers mostly faced challenges with color performance due to heating process, pH, lipid interactions, water migration, and intregration with other ingredients. Regardless of it being a dry or wet type, ROHA’s scientists are equipped with extensive experience in addressing any challenges to provide customers with innovative solutions in pet food applications.

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