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ROHA has innovative natural food color solutions that are ideal for various dairy applications with excellent pH, light, and heat stability. It offers an array of solubility options for water and oil matrices. Moreover, ROHA also formulates custom color solutions for clients with special requirements.
ROHA’s Natracol provides a diverse range of labeling requirements that we see as globally relevant.

Natural Colors for Dairy Beverages

ROHA’s natracol range of natural colors contains various colors options that are suitable for dairy beverages. The biggest challenge of the dairy beverage industry is Ultra-High Temperature(UHT) or retort processed flavored milk. The colors have to undergo various intense heat treatments to become a final product. Thus this creates a lot of technical difficulties to achieve the desired shades of colors. Our Expert team provides the best results when it comes to natural colors for dairy beverages.

Natural colors for Yogurt & Fruit Preparations

ROHA’s flagship brand Natracol has a range of natural food colors with blends of anthocyanins and other fruits and vegetables. These colors are highly applicable with spoonable and drinkable yogurt applications as they are stable in acidic high-protein whey products. ROHA’s Natracol has a customisable range of natural food colors that has been a proven solution for yogurt and dairy manufacturers.

Natural Colors for Ice Cream and Flavored Milk

ROHA, a global leader in the manufacture of food colors, offers a variety of natural food color under the brand Natracol for neutral pH dairy applications such as ice creams and frozen desserts. Our palette of natural colors has varieties of shades and they are stable in most extreme conditions that can give better visual appearance.

Natural Food Colors for Cheese and Processed Cheese

ROHA has several options of water-soluble and oil-soluble versions of natural color solutions like Annatto, Beta-carotene, Curcumin, and Paprika under the brand Natracol to cater to the cheese and processed cheese customers. Here at ROHA, our team of scientists is constantly evolving to serve its clients by co-creating new and innovative natural food color ranges.

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