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Natural Blues from Spirulina

Introducing, Natural blues from Spirulina

There’s a new wave in food coloring the world over called Spirulina colors, and this wave begins in a small pool. Blue-green algae (Arthrospira platensis) grow in pools where the right set of nutrients encounter the right amount of sunlight. These are the source of spirulina food coloring that’s trending in restaurants and on social media everywhere. .

What is Spirulina Blue?

Spirulina has been a part of human diet and has been considered a superfood for eons. Famous for its nutritional benefits and high concentration of minerals, protein, and vitamins. It’s only now that its use as a natural blue food coloring agent has been approved by the FDA. Spirulina powder extracted from the algae is green initially, so we separate the oil-soluble pigments and the water. Phycocyanin, which is a water-soluble protein, forms the coloring component of spirulina. The cyan, or vibrant blue, color is the talk of the town.

Spirulina Applications

Food and drink manufacturers didn’t have access to a reliable, scalable natural blue food coloring agent before the emergence of spirulina colorant. Now, consumers can enjoy a host of products that incorporate spirulina food coloring — in confectionery, beverages, icings, fillings and ice cream. With the help of food scientists and emerging technology, companies also mix and match spirulina colors with other natural pigments to go beyond blue and achieve greens, browns, purples and blacks. The shades that one can achieve with spirulina colorants are distinct from colors derived from other vegetable sources. One can even create oil-dispersible formulations with the pigment for applications with high-fat matrices.

How Stable is Spirulina?

Currently, spirulina food coloring is not recommended in high temperature applications such as baked goods and extruded foods. The reason for this is that while spirulina colors showcase great light stability, and are also reliable between pH 4-8, they aren’t stable at high temperatures.

ROHA’s Range of Spirulina Colorants

As a leading food color manufacturer with over 50 years of experience across six continents, ROHA has been at the forefront of the spirulina revolution. Thanks to the incredible R&D capabilities and extensive network of clients forever keen for better and improved color solutions, ROHA’s scientists have successfully formulated high performance spirulina colorants for a number of applications. ROHA’s plants around the world now are capable of churning out natural blue food coloring sourced from spirulina at multiple strengths and even as organic versions. With a customer centricity that’s always been the differentiating factor, ROHA works hand in hand with its clients to deliver spirulina food coloring that’s perfectly matched to the original requirements.
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