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Innovative Approach To Sugar Confectionery: Chewing Gum

Chewing Gums, Sugar And Experiences Of Covid-Time

After COVID, consumers remain passionate about purposeful food, including mindless munching on snacks, but their love for sweet foods has not subsided. Consumers turn to confectionery for comfort being fully aware of the presence of sugar in it. While consumers are also beginning to consider health, it has been an ongoing task for food manufacturers to balance the two – flavor and health.

The chewing gum segment has seen some interesting changes in recent years. Consumers are looking for options that are not only tasty but also visually appealing. Food manufacturers have responded to this need of the food market by creating new flavors and colorful designs.

Colors Add Value, Flavor Lets You Unwind

While stress has pushed the consumer to indulge in mindless munching, their mindfulness has given inventive opportunities to food manufacturers. Consumers are increasingly interested in trying new and unusual flavors of chewing gum. This includes unusual fruit flavors, spices, and even savory options.

Food manufacturers are meeting this demand of consumers by offering more unique flavors, and even limited edition flavors that are only available for a short time – also a marketing strategy. The flavor of sugar confectionery remains the primary driving force for consumers’ purchases. Food brands are now taking a creative approach to innovation by offering contrasting and complementary textures of chewing gums.

By using alternatives, food manufacturers aim to create a total sensory experience for consumers that encourages them to also try healthy alternatives. This can be achieved by using natural food colors for confectionery products and reducing or altogether eliminating sugar.

Consumers Are Selective When It Comes To Opting For Breath-Freshners

As the pandemic drove people apart and the use of masks became mandatory, consumers’ desire for breath-freshening products faded. Wearing masks during the pandemic created an alarming awareness of unhealthy breath. As a result, mints and other breath-freshening products have gained popularity and more effectively so, during the pandemic.

Consumers are also looking for gum that is made with natural ingredients. This includes gum that is sugar-free or gum that is made with organic ingredients. Gum makers are responding by offering more options that are made with natural ingredients. The chewing gum segment is constantly evolving to meet the needs and desires of consumers.

ROHA’s Wide Range Of Colors

Because sugar confections are a portion of generally affordable comfort food, the pandemic increased consumer demand for the chewing gum category. Mask-wearing will inevitably remain either a requirement in some markets or a consumer preference in certain situations and ROHA is fully aware of providing only top-quality food colors for this. Our range of food colors is supremely talented and provides excellent resistance to heat and light. To understand our contribution to your food products, please write to us at

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