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ROHA is a one-stop shop for all food colors. Color needs for dairy applications can vary significantly depending on whether it is for dairy beverages, cheeses, yoghurts, dairy desert and more. Our synthetic color brand, Idacol has a vast range of options specifically designed to meet the needs of any dairy application. These products come in liquid and powder forms and can be either water soluble or oil dispersible. Our technical teams are experienced in providing custom and value added solutions based on our customers’ requirements.

Synethic Food Colors for Dairy Beverages

The color application can be challenging if the processing conditions are too harsh for the color to survive. For example, color choices for Ultra-high temperature (UHT) or retort processed flavored milk is limited because of the intense heat treatments. However, ROHA’s Idacol range of synthetic food colors have options to overcome this challenge for the customers and troubleshoot technical difficulties that might arise. 

Synthetic Food Colors for Yogurt and Fruit Preparations

The Idacol range of synthetic food color can blend into various color shades that perform well in spoonable and drinkable yoghurt applications. These food colors are stable in acidic high-protein whey beverages as well. Applicable across food products, synthetic food colors meet consumers’ expectations and are ideal for various spoonable and drinkable yoghurt applications with excellent stability.

Synthetic Food Colors for Ice Cream and Flavored Milk

ROHA’s Idacol range of synthetic food colors has a wide spectrum of shades and hues in neutral pH dairy applications like ice cream and flavored milk. These colors can be formulated in a powder form that suits ice cream mixes and liquids.  Also, it blends perfectly into a high-viscosity ice cream base.

Synthetic Food Colors for Cheese and Processed Cheese

To cater to cheese and processed cheese manufacturers, ROHA has several options of water-soluble and oil-miscible versions of synthetic food colors under the brand Idacol. ROHA’s range of synthetic food colors is among the widest and the best in the market. They not only fulfil the specifications of companies around the world, but they also comply with all leading international regulations.

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