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ROHA offers synthetic food color solutions for coloring beverages under the brand name Idacol which includes pure pigments and custom blends. ROHA’s technical experts will not only provide color solutions for you but work with you to troubleshoot difficulties rising from formulations to the shelf-life stability of your beverage product. At ROHA, we use the latest technology in emulsification and encapsulation to develop our colors considering everchanging demands of the market. The Idacol range of food colors are available in powder and liquid water-soluble variants. ROHA’s synthetic solutions are customized for you to emphasize safety, availability, precision, and versatility. So, if it is a color for food, it has to must be an Idacol from ROHA.

Synthetic Food Colors for Still Beverages

Our Idacol range of synthetic colors has an array of colors and hues, from red to purple, yellow to orange and blue to green that helps in overcoming challenges to achieve vibrant shades in still beverages and flavored water. ROHA’s technical expertise in synthetic food color solutions for still beverages meets every kind of requirement across the industry.

Synthetic Food Colors for Carbonated Soft Drinks

ROHA’s Idacol range of synthetic colors has an array of food colors to standardize frizzy and bubbly drinks with promising and unmatched quality. Sometimes synthetic colors often tend to precipitate when used in sparkling or carbonated drinks. But with ROHA’s range of synthetic food colors this can be knocked over.

Synthetic Food Colors for Juice Based Beverages

Colors are added to juice-based beverages to create an attractive appearance. Adding Idacol’s color range to your juice-based beverages can enhance the appearance of these products and give you stable and attractive color solutions. Highly versatile in its properties, this range complies with international quality standards.

Synthetic Food Colors for Sports Drinks & Fortified Beverages

The most important aspect of formulating sports drinks and fortified beverages is the ingredient interaction. Vitamins and mineral ions present in them can have interaction with the color pigments. Here is where our range of synthetic food colors, Idacol provides high performance in these matrices. 

Synthetic Food Colors for Powdered Beverages

For powdered beverage applications, the most challenging part is matching shade in the base application and reconstituted beverage. ROHA’s Idacol range of synthetic food colors has several shades and customized colors solutions available in water-soluble powdered forms, that can easily plate and dissolve in the suitable matrix.

Synthetic Food Colors for Carbonated Soft Drinks

ROHA offers synthetic food colors under the Idacol range to suit alcoholic beverages with varying ABV (Alcohol by volume) percentage. We have a wide range of synthetic food colors from dark-red to brown that is stable for alcoholic beverages. Our technical team consists of scientists to formulate custom blends that are required in the ABV percentage for alcoholic beverages.

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