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Possibilities, as well as limitations for pet food applications, have changed significantly over the years.  Pet food has become more like human foods because of our undying affection for our pets.  ROHA’s Futurals brand provides the highest quality of clean-label colors created from fruit, vegetable, and algal sources. Due to the harsh processing conditions for the majority of pet food product types, it has been challenging for many manufacturers to adopt natural colors.  It is vital to understand the limitations of natural pigments and regulations to successfully develop healthier solutions for pets around the world. ROHA’s robust portfolio of Futurals clean-label colors along with extensive experience in pet food applications can provide value-added and highly functional coloring solutions to all pet food matrices.

Clean Label Food Colors In Dry Pet Foods

ROHA offers a wide range of clean label food colors for dry pet food applications. If you’re looking to contribute to the next wave of innovative pet food, consult with us to explore our range of clean-label colors applicable to pet food. Our expertise in pet food coloring can address any challenges such as heating process, pH, lipid interactions, water migration and interactions with other factors that can significantly affect color performance and provide a challenge to most pet food manufacturers.

Clean label food colors in wet pet foods

Over the past few years, consumers have been increasingly prioritizing pet food that claims to be clean-label for their pets. Buyers are expecting more clarity around pet food ingredients, as clean label trends echo those seen in human food innovation. Better and visually appealing wet pet foods are available in the market. ROHA’s Futurals range of clean label food colors can help wet pet food manufacturers to keep this trend going.

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