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Dairy industry and the dairy alternative industry is continuously changing. As a result, innovative ingredient solutions are needed to keep up with the new product profiles, the new packaging concepts and the ever-changing ingredients in product matrices. ROHA’s range of clean label food colors boast a wide range of coloring foodstuffs to fit the specific dairy application’s needs. ROHA’s Futurals portfolio offers a broad range of clean label ingredients derived from fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and algae. These ingredients meet consumers’ expectations for natural, clean label foods that are healthier and safer for the end consumer. 

Clean Label food colors for dairy beverages

In processing conditions of flavored milk, color applications can be challenging due to the Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) or retort processing. However, ROHA’s clean-label food color range Futurals has the ultimate spectrum of vibrant colors derived from natural sources with incredible product stability and a plethora of customization options. It will help dairy product manufacturers to overcome this challenge and troubleshoot any technical difficulties that might arise.

Clean Label Food Colors for Yogurt and Fruit Preparations

ROHA meets the market demands with a comprehensive portfolio of Futurals clean label coloring foodstuffs that are derived from fruits. Applicable across different flavors of spoonable and drinkable yogurt applications, these ingredients meet consumers’ expectations. These clean-label food colors are stable in acidic high-protein whey beverages.

Clean Label Food Colors for Ice Cream and Flavored Milk

Name the flavor and we have the color for it. Ice cream is an application that allows us to play with every color known. When it comes to high viscosity ice cream base, Futurals can be the perfect solution for many manufacturers of ice cream. These clean-label food colors by ROHA are very stable at a neutral pH value, which is required for dairy products.

Clean Label Food Colors for Cheese & Processed Cheese

ROHA has range of clean label food colors under the brand Futurals and has various options like Beta Carotene, Curcumin and Paprika in water-soluble and oil-soluble forms to cater for the cheese and processed cheese market. Our Futurals range can also be offered customized solutions and meet the rapidly changing requirements of the cheese and processed cheese industry. 

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