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ROHA’s Futurals offers various clean-label, E-number-free, coloring food solutions for coloring beverages that are created using strictly controlled manufacturing processes and sourced from a wide variety of plant and algal sources. Vegetable and fruit-based extracts and concentrates can sometimes be challenging to incorporate into beverage formulations. Here at ROHA, our expert team of scientists can partner with you to troubleshoot the difficulties coming from formulating with coloring food-grade colorants and help you commercialize superior products. We offer custom-made products for beverages with specialized ingredients that are specifically created to function in complex beverage applications. At ROHA, we provide clean-label food color solutions that are extracted from the highest standard of fruits, vegetables, and algal solutions.

Clean Label Food Colors for Still Beverages

Our Clean label food color range called Futurals has an array of vibrant shades for all your still beverage color requirements. Sometimes, achieving vibrant shades in still beverages and flavored water is challenging. But, with ROHA’s clean-label food color range for still beverages, we can overcome these challenges. We manufacture these products complying with the specific local regulations and comply with all ingredient restrictions. 

Clean Label Food Colors for Carbonated Soft Drinks

Achieving different shades in carbonated soft drinks is always challenging. To ward off this challenge, our Futurals range of clean label colors has an array of coloring foodstuff sourced from natural raw material and can be labelled as the name of fruit or vegetable juice or extract. 

Clean Label Food Colors for Juice Based Beverages

ROHA has innovative clean-label food coloring solutions that are ideal for a variety of juice-based beverages with excellent stability values. Adding the Futurals clean-label color range to juice-based beverages will enhance the shade and appearance of these products and overcome the problem of brown oxidizing effects in fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, and soft drinks.

Clean Label Food Colors for Sports Drinks & Fortified Beverages

ROHA offers several clean-label food color solutions for coloring sports drinks and fortified beverages. Formulating sports drinks and fortified beverages can be challenging sometimes as it interacts with the color pigments due to vitamins and mineral ions present in them. Here our Futurals range provides high performance in these matrices. 

Clean Label Food Colors for Powdered Beverages

For powdered beverage applications, colors are plated on the base ingredients and matching the shade in a base application and reconstituted beverage is the most challenging part. ROHA’s Futurals range of clean label food colors provides a variety of water-soluble clean-label food colors in powdered form. They easily plate and dissolve in the suitable matrix and result in a bright-coloured beverage. 

Clean Label Food Colors for Alcoholic Beverages

We have a wide range of clean label food colors under the brand Futurals, which are more suitable and stable in alcoholic beverages. These clean-label food colors are sourced from vegetables-based anthocyanins and suit the alcoholic beverages with varying ABV (Alcohol by volume) percentages. Our advancements in clean-label food color extraction and formulation methods have enabled us to provide many clean-label solutions for the beverage industry.

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