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Coloring Sweets: Shift In 2022

Rejoicing In 2022

This year’s new trends place more of an emphasis on decadence, remarkable events, celebration, and overall well-being than on necessity. Significant growth was observed in baked foods that cater to consumers seeking out imperative trends like healthier alternatives and new items, such as baked goods made from organic and gluten-free ingredients.

Finally, bakeries began to function as they had before the pandemic which paralyzed every industry. Although they continue to face difficulties including personnel shortages and supply chain problems, businesses began to feel more normal.

Affecting Taste Buds Colorfully

The year saw a major shift in consumer behavior that now revolves around conscious and mindful choices. Consumer choices are not limited to just chocolate-based foods now. The choice of colors for branding, marketing, and development of food goods are of equal importance and are considered to be an essential component of the finished food product.

Food quality and satisfaction are both influenced by color, which is also crucial for flavor recognition. In response to consumer demand and advancing research, there are constant innovations in food colors. In many facets of our life, color psychology is crucial.

Food manufacturers are looking for food colors in bakery products that offer strong resistance to heat and light and are perfectly pH balanced. There is a growing market for chocolate colors, for instance, not only for chocolate-based desserts, but also for healthy trends and dairy-free products that are healthy and eco-friendly.

Sweets: Healthful Substitutes

As consumers become more aware of how their lifestyle and dietary choices can affect their long-term health and wellness—as well as that of the environment—the demand for healthier baked goods has been steadily increasing. Around the world, plant-based bakeries have started to flourish and now sell vegan versions of a wide range of baked goods, including pastries, croissants, and cupcakes.

Due to constant innovation in sweets, most manufacturers face challenges in maintaining the vibrancy of their products. For this, ROHA offers supreme quality color solutions such as brilliant blue color, beta carotene color and annatto color, to name a few, that meet this growing need of the food industry.

ROHA: Happy To Help

As mentioned previously, what pleases the eye, pleases the gut and in turn affects overall health. ROHA has consistently provided color solutions for the benefit of the food industry and continues to thrive in both segments – food colors and dried foods. Our team of experts is willing to walk you through the process of choosing suitable colors for appropriate applications. Write to us at for more information regarding our products and any assistance.

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