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There is a strong consumer demand for natural clean-label color solutions for confectionary applications. ROHA’s Futurals offers a wide range of brilliant and stable shades of coloring foodstuffs made from concentrates of fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and algae. ROHA offers a complete range of clean-label food colors for the confectionery industry. Applying these clean-label solutions to various types of confectionary applications can come with challenges. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing a coloring solution for confectionery applications such as stability, association with the flavor, and differentiation of the product. We have a dedicated team of technical experts for confectionery applications ready to assist in color choices, regulations, application limitations and product development support. 

Clean Label Food Colors for Chocolate and Compound Coating

ROHA’s Infusion range by Futurals is oil dispersible liquids that provide vibrant shades of anthocyanins to the chocolate. The range is a result of years of intensive R&D and is completely customizable to desired shades. It also offers a variety of raw materials to choose from, which means it can meet the diverse labelling requirements of food manufacturers across industries. The range includes bright, stable colors that blend well for chocolate and compound coatings.

Clean Label Food Colors for Gummies and Jellies

Gummies are fun to eat as both candies and as a vehicle for supplements. ROHA provides perfect clean-label food color solutions for your gummies under the brand named Futurals. Our expert scientists will work with your team to give you custom colors that conform to the expectations of your customer, as well the world’s most stringent regulations.

Clean Label Food Color Manufacturers for Hard Candies

The major difficulty for hard candies has been their processing conditions such as high temperature and low pH. Our Futurals range of clean label colors provides varied pH and heat-stable options to overcome this challenge. With a wide range of clean-label food colors in both water-soluble and water-dispersible powder and liquid forms, Futurals is leading the clean-label food color industry.

Clean Label Food Color Manufacturers for Panned Candies

When it comes to getting the exact shade and clean label option for your panned candies, trust ROHA to do it for you. We have clean-label food color solutions under the brand Futurals to overcome the challenges in high Brix sugar syrup for panning applications. Be it in our state of the art food technology labs or at the customer’s production facility, we are on hand to develop and improve your color solutions.

Clean Label Food Colors for Other Confectionaries

Confectionaries are always been in demand between all age groups. ROHA’s clean-label food color range called Futurals has a lot to offer for confectionaries like toffees, chewing gums, sprinkles, tablets, liquorice and many more. The vibrancy of these colors is evident across a wide range of applications in the confectionary industry.

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