The principal provisions of the Legislative Mechanisms insist on :

1) Which color additives are permitted for use and for sale

2) Specific purity criteria for permitted colorconditions of additive use including the setting of maximum levels for certain additives

3) Those foods that are prohibited from containing color or those products to which only a very restricted number of colors may be added or totally restricted

Dealing with suchvarious legislative and statutory requirements of different countries (especially in the usage of synthetic color) is not easy. That is where we step in. We have created a team of experts who understand the laws governing these products inside out. They are in constant touch with the world's foremost governing bodiesthat define and update food additive legislation.So, we are ideally placed to advice on color additives approved for use in Food, Animal feed, Cosmetics and drugs, their dosages and specifications, for nearly all of the world’s food markets.