The era of ‘clean labels’ – or products that are distinctly natural and free of processing – is here to stay. Consumers are increasingly focusing on what’s gone into the making of food and beverage products they consume.

Assimilating this trend with commitment and focus, Roha has pursued R&D and technology to develop Futurals – a range of products that impart color and can be labeled as the name of fruit or vegetable juice or extract. Produced exclusively via physical processes, there is absolutely no chemical intervention.

This wide range of brilliant and stable shades is extracted from vegetables, fruits, edible flowers, herbs, spices and algae. The final product is carefully calibrated to replicate the exact properties and ratios of color and sensory balance as in the original source. As a result they find excellent use in a diversity of applications.

Customers can order from the Futurals menu or request customized solutions of almost any shade.