Synthetic Colors

Water-soluble colors

Water-soluble colors produce brighter and cleaner shades in finished products. Available in powder, granulated and pre-dissolved forms, they are low in heavy metals and free of salts thanks to an advanced ultra-filtration processes. Overall, they drastically reduce human error by offering better dosage control.

Pre-dissolved forms produce better consistency of color strength, reduce risk of cross contamination, are easier to handle and cost-effective.

Water-soluble colors primarily find application in toiletries, skin-care products, water-based make-up and toothpaste.

Synthetic Colors

Lake colors

Adora’s range of lake colors is available as powders, dispersions and pastes. Customers can choose the base to match their requirements. Dry dispersions are offered with talc or calcium carbonate, while liquid dispersions may use linseed or castor oil, mineral oil glycerine, soya lecithin, etc.

Advanced technology is at play to achieve zero-bleeding lake colors and lower heavy metal content. Particle size control ensures greater efficiency in dispersion, resulting in clearer tones and more vibrant shades in applications.

Primary applications include lipstick, nail polish, pencil, foundation and lip gloss.